Water Filters

Hydro+ In-Line Filters
World class filters to suit a wide variety of applications. Aqua Cure’s existing HYDRO+ range has been Europe’s best selling range of in-line filters for many years. Manufactured in the UK . Making a Connection The Hydro+ in-line is available with a huge number of connection options. The most popular are ¼” push-fit, ¼” female thread and 3/8” female thread but a ¾” male connection is also available and allows quick connection to vending and catering equipment. Compression fittings and spigot variants are also available as is a range of filter media. Adaptable to say the least! Built to Last Hydro+ cartridges are made using something called spin welding technology. Basically the body and the end cap are put in a machine that holds the pieces together and spins them – but it spins them so fast that enough friction is generated to melt the plastic and bind the pieces together. The point of this is a high quality hermetic seal with no glue and no leaks. Pretty clever we think.
AA Water Filters
Coffee Craft fit AA Water Filters to all of our water coolers consisting of a reusable Plastic Filter Housing and a separate Filter Candle. When changing the Filter, only the Filter Candle is exchanged. The used Filter Candle can then be disposed of with household waste. This combination of a reusable Plastic Housing and an environmentally friendly Filter Candle ensure that AA Filters are very “Green”. We supply two different Filter Candles 1.The “Green Filter” consists of a 1micron nominal Carbon Block Candle. Apart from removing the taste and smell of the chlorine in the mains supply, it removes 95% of solids above 1 micron and creates a barrier to Cryptosporidium, Giardia and other Cysts. Carbon Block Filters are the standard Filter in use throughout the industry. 2.2. The new NANOFilter consists of a 0.3micron nano fine woven glass fibre material. It’s Viral and Pharma rating is exceptional. The NANOFilter reduces 99.98% of Cryptosporidium, Giardia Intestinalis and E-coli, whilst at the same time providing protection against Legionella, Pseudonomas, Salmonella, Mycobacteria and Aspergillis. This makes the NANOFilter ideal for Hospitals, Surgeries, Care Homes and Schools. In addition the NANOFilter ensures a high flow rate and low risk of blocking, even if the water pressure is low or the water has a high solid content.